New Lebanese restaurant to open at Crown Passages

Altrincham couple, Souhyb and Rose Masri are realising their ambition to create a funky, family-oriented, Mediterranean-Lebanese-British fusion restaurant, Yallah, in Crown Passages, Hale.

A family affair, Yallah is the brainchild of husband-and-wife team Souhyb and Rose Masri, alongside Rose’s brother Mohammad. It began as a heartfelt initiative to support their community during the pandemic and has blossomed into a dynamic enterprise, evolving from a kitchen table operation to a full-fledged event catering business, a popular festival and party food truck, and now, a fabulous new restaurant in the heart of Hale, opening this July.

It was Mohammad’s constant praise for Rose’s culinary skills that sparked the initial idea and Rose, who has always been passionate about cooking for her friends and family, naturally transitioned to offering a takeaway service during lockdown. Her delightful wraps, tacos, meal boxes, and homemade breads quickly won the hearts of many, bringing the warmth of home-cooked meals into people’s homes.

Yallah is a versatile Arabic expression often used to mean “let’s go” or “come on,” and it perfectly captures the energetic and inviting spirit of Hale’s newest culinary treasure. This vibrant phrase not only reflects the dynamic atmosphere of Yallah but also inspires the restaurant’s aesthetic, which blends the rich tapestry of Mediterranean and Lebanese cultures with a touch of British charm.

Rose shares, “Cooking for friends and family has always been a joy for me. During lockdown, it felt natural to extend that joy to our community through our takeaway service. Working alongside my brother made it even more special. It also allowed us to support charities that are close to our hearts through various events.”

Souhyb adds, “Our customer base grew rapidly thanks to the wonderful reviews we received. As lockdown eased, we saw an opportunity to open a restaurant that upholds our values of generosity, kindness, and great food. While it took some time to establish, we kept the momentum going with our food truck at festivals and parties, and by continuing our catering services.”

Souhyb continues, “As the reviews grew so did our customer base, so as lockdown eased, we had to consider our options and set about opening a restaurant based on the same principles of generosity and kindness, and great food! It took quite a while to get off the ground, so in the meantime, we invested in our food truck, getting it all kitted out for festivals and parties, continuing the catering side as well.

Both Rose, a psychologist, and Souhyb, a medic, never anticipated this culinary journey. Yet, their passion and the positive feedback they received fuelled their venture. Their three children, the official tasters, have been integral to the family business.

The family is thrilled to announce the opening of Yallah at 4 Crown Passages, a prime location in the heart of Hale. Currently being fitted out, the restaurant is set to open its doors on July 12, 2024, marking Rose and Souhyb’s wedding anniversary.

Yallah promises an extraordinary culinary experience, offering a menu inspired by Mediterranean, Lebanese, and British cuisines, enriched by the family’s gastronomic adventures across Europe and beyond. The restaurant will provide both dine-in and takeaway options in a family-oriented, welcoming environment. See you there!

Forward Property Group’s Crown Passages is a mixed-use development conveniently positioned in the centre of Hale village, close to parking and all other amenities. Aspire Gym joins the existing tenants which include Luxury Items Ltd, Coffee B, Starlight Ultrasound, Blacks Aesthetics, Liz Clough Aesthetics and Mulan Bar.

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