Forward Property Group tenant Hale Dental Practice expands its premises

Dental Practice Expansion

Renowned for combining state-of-the-art technology, professionals at the height of their career and luxury surroundings, Hale Dental Clinic is now adding an advanced dental teaching arm to its business in the heart of Hale.

The cutting-edge clinic is a tenant of Forward Property Group and occupies the upper floors at 163 Ashley Road. Work is underway to expand the Clinic’s already exquisite space into neighbouring offices in order to include a purpose-designed teaching academy specialising in implants.

Owner and Director, Richard Brookshaw is a highly skilled dental implant surgeon, having placed more than 5,000 implants to date. He remains one of only a handful of implant surgeons nationwide who is able to carry out implant surgery in patients with extreme bone loss, using specially designed zygomatic implants.

As a leader in the field, he is highly regarded for his implant courses. The expansion of the clinic will allow his team, all of whom are recognised as being at the forefront of their respective disciplines, to continue to train other dentists and dental nurses in the very latest implant technologies and advancements.

Says Richard “The major refurbishment and expansion of nearly 1,200 sq ft will allow us to maintain our outstanding standards in customer service and comprehensive care whilst also sharing our knowledge to expand the boundaries in dental care and surgery.”

For more information on the services for private clients and dentists at Hale Dental Clinic visit or call 0161 941 2020.